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Hot forming has a number of key advantages, which include:

  • Increased accuracy due to the elimination of springback
  • Complex shapes can be more easily formed with tighter radii
  • Cracking is inhibited especially when forming titanium
  • The process avoids the thinning of the material while forming

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In essence, hot forming is a matched metal tool forming process that relies on time, temperature and pressure. High temperature alloys ideally suited for hot forming include:

Depending on the product being formed, those working directly with the product will determine the proper temperature of the blank, tool, and the pressure required to form the component.

Why Is Titanium Used for Hot Forming?

The aerospace industry is a major user of titanium in their products. In fact, two-thirds of the amount of titanium produced is used exclusively in aircraft engines and frames. This may be because the metal itself is known for its high strength (30% stronger than steel and 100% stronger than aluminum) and low weight (50% lighter than steel).

With a solid resistance to corrosion and the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal, titanium is a good choice within the industry for jet engines, firewalls, missiles and other aviation-related products.

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At Cutting Dynamics, we’re always looking for ways to go above and beyond as leaders in the aerospace industry. To do so, we purchased a brand-new hot form press from Beckwood Corporation. The press offers our customers a number of advantages, such as significantly reduced lead times (12 weeks) and an in-house team that can design and manufacture all the required tools and fixtures.

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