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At Re:Build Cutting Dynamics, we are an innovative, advanced manufacturer of aerospace products. We are leaders in multiple aerospace processes as well, including hydroforming, hot forming, thermoplastic composite component manufacturing, advanced machining, and assembly.

Learn about how these processes assist us in the creation of missile parts and rocket components.

Missile and Rocket Part Materials and Benefits

To manufacture our missile and rocket components, we utilize an in-house production and design team that oversees our tooling, fixtures, and production assets, including hot forming techniques and 5-axis machining to create the missile components.

For rocket and missile components, titanium is our preferred material to use when producing components that are exposed to extreme heat. For components that are not, we can also fabricate them in aluminum. Either way, your rocket and missile components are going to be made of a material that suits your application.

Why Missile and Rocket Component Manufacturers Use Titanium

Titanium works best for hot forming our missile parts and components because of its low weight and incredible strength; it actually has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of metals and features great resistance to corrosion and heat. These aspects of titanium make it an ideal metal to use for many of our aerospace components.

Some of the primary benefits of using titanium in our aerospace parts include:

  • Increased flexibility to form simple shapes (tighter radii)
  • We can avoid product thinning while forming
  • Less ability to crack when forming titanium
  • Increased ability to attain more accuracy (no springback)

Distinguishing Between Rockets and Missiles

It is important to note that while missiles and rockets serve similar functions, they do vary. Missiles are guided weapons that are designed to engage with a specific target and do so through the means of self-propulsion. Contrarily, rockets are used for space exploration and scientific research. They are minimally guided and will usually not carry any warheads.

When you need rocket parts for your liquid-fueled rockets, solid-fueled rockets, or even hybrid rockets, be sure to check out our capabilities in producing rocket components. Similarly, we might be able to deliver new missile parts for your surface-to-air missiles, surface-to-surface missiles, air-to-air missiles, and even anti-ship missiles.

Regardless of your application, our experience in the aerospace industry can be used to help provide you with a solution or suggest what you may need.

Reasons to Get Your Missile and Rocket Parts from Re:Build Cutting Dynamics

Because we are one of the top missile parts manufacturers, we have been solving challenges involving aerospace technology for many years. Our team prioritizes our customers and the services we provide them with because Re:Build Cutting Dynamics is dedicated to supplying the best quality products.

We are committed to enhancing our technology and knowledge to make the best missile and rocket parts in the industry. Whether you’re searching for rocket or missile components, you can be confident that we have you covered with the best customer service and parts.

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