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aerospace component manufacturing

CDI manufactures components for the aircraft interior industries and aircraft structural market. From seat backs to titanium firewalls, we can offer exceptional service on manufactured aircraft components, aerospace components, and assemblies.

The majority of these components are manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum, #4130 steel, stainless steel, titanium, and thermoplastic carbon fiber. Our diverse options for aerospace component manufacturing allow us to meet the needs of our clients, supplying whatever they require.

About Our Services for Aerospace Companies

Cutting Dynamics’s services for aerospace manufacturing include:

Complete traceability of components is assured, and Cutting Dynamics carries aircraft product liability insurance. Cutting Dynamics can provide your company with a reliable aerospace manufacturing solution.

Hot Forming Titanium

One of our major services for aerospace companies is our hot forming for titanium. Some of the key benefits of utilizing hot forming include:

  • Increased accuracy due to the elimination of springback
  • Complex shapes can be more easily formed with tighter radii
  • Cracking is inhibited especially when forming titanium
  • The process avoids the thinning of the material while forming

At its core, hot forming is a process of matched metal tool forming which incorporates, time, temperature, and pressure, and often is used on the alloys of titanium, Inconel, and certain grades of stainless steel.

To enhance our hot forming titanium capabilities, we recently purchased a new hot form press from Beckwood Corporation which helps us to provide significantly reduced lead times (12 weeks) for our customers. This, of course, works in tandem with our dedicated in-house team who can design and produce all needed tools and fixtures.

Some of the key features of our press include:

  • 30” x 48” heated platens which are fabricated TMA® 4505, a high-strength, heat-resistant alloy developed by Duraloy specifically for high-temperature applications
  • Capable of temperatures up to 1600°F+, with each platen containing nine heating zones to ensure temperature uniformity to within +/-5°
  • An automated insulated door system which efficiently contains heat within the forming chamber while allowing access during part or tool loading and unloading sequences

If you have any questions about Cutting Dynamics’s capabilities for hot forming, or you would like more information about any of our other services for aerospace manufacturers, be sure to reach out to us.

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