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As an AS9100-registered 3PL/4PL center, Re:Build Cutting Dynamics is able to handle a wide variety of kits – including kits for OEM and spare parts applications.

We currently provide over 150 recurring kits, ranging in size from 5 to 5,000 items. Most are designed for point-of-use delivery, and we currently average 455,498 detail piece shipments per year. Read on to learn more about our component kitting and manufacturing kitting solutions.

About Our Aerospace Kitting for Helicopters and More

Re:Build Cutting Dynamics can handle kits of any size, complete to any specification. All kits have a standard work order to show where every sub-kit box and bag is located. This guarantees that every part will be in the same location, every time.


Our dedicated team manages all aspects of the component kitting process, including:

  • Purchasing and manufacturing
  • Receiving and inspection
  • Stocking management
  • Kit picking
  • Inspection
  • Final packing
  • Document management
  • Shipping logistics

Our Three Primary Kitting Objectives

As you begin the helicopter kitting process, we want to ensure that our solutions meet your needs. That is why we strive to achieve the following:

  • Lower your inventory and maintain or improve readiness
  • Reduce your standard overall cost
  • Eliminate or greatly reduce your procurement administrative cost


Custom Packaging

Re:Build Cutting Dynamics creates kits that are customizable to our customers’ needs. This includes:

  • Returnable boxes
  • Layout maps
  • Special work instructions and much more


Our UH-60 Black Hawk Phase Maintenance Kits

One of the premier kitting options that we offer to companies is our Black Hawk UH-60 Phase Maintenance Kits. These kits provide Sikorsky-approved parts and can provide clients with the following benefits:

  • Standardization – Our kits are 100% consumable, so every part will be used within a standard overhaul, leaving no waste.
  • Color coding – Our color-coded system allows maintenance teams to sort and assemble parts while servicing and repairing helicopters quickly and efficiently. Every zone is identified by a distinct color, ensuring all parts are replaced properly.
  • Sequential packaging – The Black Hawk kits we provide follow a sequential flow of the maintenance event through zone/installation kit arrangement, giving your team convenient visuals.
  • Flexibility – As a part of our aerospace kitting solutions, we can supply you with a supplemental kit designed for your company’s specific needs should you prefer.
  • Availability – We have the ability to help you develop a provisioning plan to make sure your Black Hawk kit is ready when the aircraft requires maintenance, significantly reducing lead times and downtime.
  • Cost and time – By utilizing our UH-60 Black Hawk kits, you’ll be able to speed up your maintenance processes and get your aircraft back into service much more quickly.

To find out more about our UH-60 Black Hawk Phase Maintenance Kits, be sure to visit our post which outlines key details and highlights everything we can provide.

FAQs – Helicopter Kitting and More

How do you ensure kitting quality and accuracy?

Before you receive your kit, numerous quality checks have been conducted to verify its contents. These quality checks are performed throughout the component kitting process to contribute to the overall accuracy of the finished product.

Am I able to customize the kit size and included components?

Yes. We work closely alongside our clients in both the commercial and defense sectors to guarantee that our manufacturing kitting solutions exceed their industry expectations. This can include customizing the contents of the kit, as well as working closely with you to ensure that your helicopter kitting configurations are exactly what you need.

What aerospace kitting practices do you follow?

To ensure the highest quality standards for our clients, we utilize efficient kit storage systems to make it easier to locate and access requested parts. We also provide proper tracking of our products with barcodes and continuous monitoring to ensure the most up-to-date status and location of our parts.

Learn More About Our Component Kitting

Interested in utilizing the kitting services at Re:Build Cutting Dynamics for your own organization? With full bar-coded, real-time inventory/program management and a robust traceability system, along with the ability to manufacture components (such as complete subassemblies and major assemblies), we ensure our clients receive a superior kitted product.

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