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Cutting Dynamics: A Leading Manufacturer of Missile Parts and Components

At Cutting Dynamics, we are an innovative, advanced manufacturer of aerospace industry products. We are leaders in multiple aerospace processes as well, including hydroforming, hot forming, thermoplastic composite manufacturing, and more, all designed to improve our customers’ aerospace product functionality. And at Cutting Dynamics, we regularly produce missile parts and components for use in defense.

Missile Part Materials and Benefits

To manufacture our missile parts and components, we utilize an in-house production and design team that oversees our tools, fixtures, and production assets, and we use hot forming techniques to create the titanium missile components. Some benefits of using composite products and materials in the construction of our aerospace products include:

  • Durability
  • High strength and low weight
  • Versatility
  • Environmentally conscious

For missile parts and components, titanium is our preferred material to use when producing these fixtures. The use of this metal in aerospace parts increases the range of an aircraft while also lowering its fuel usage. Because a lighter aircraft requires less fuel to fly than a heavier one, this also allows for less refueling stops and more flight time.

Depending on the lifespan and physical survival of an aircraft (20-50+ years), using titanium parts decreases the frequency of fuel use which also decreases the cost to operate it and the repairs it may need down the road.

Why Missile Component Manufacturers Use Titanium

Titanium materials work best for hot forming our missile parts and components because of its low weight and incredible strength; it actually has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of metals and features a great resistance to corrosion. These aspects of titanium materials make it an ideal metal to use for many of our aerospace parts. Some of the primary benefits of using titanium in our aerospace parts include:

  • Increased flexibility to form simple shapes (tighter radii)
  • We can avoid product thinning while forming
  • Less ability to crack when forming titanium
  • Increases ability to attain more accuracy (no springback)

As for the corrosion rate of titanium missile components and parts, we use titanium because it is extremely resistant to corrosion. When titanium happens to be exposed to oxygen at higher temperatures during hot forming, the metal forms a passive oxide coating that grows to protect the outer layer of titanium from oxidizing and other forms of corrosion.

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Because we are one of the top missile parts manufacturers, we have been solving challenges involving aerospace technology for many years. We prioritize our customers and the services we provide them with because Cutting Dynamics is dedicated to providing the best quality products. We are committed to enhancing our technology and knowledge to make the best missile parts as a leading manufacturer.

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