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Re:Build Cutting Dynamics has been handling complex components since 1985, supplying aerospace companies with the essential products and services they need.

We’re able to provide services for:

We are committed to continuing to grow in our technology and services so that we can better serve our strategic partners. As part of this commitment, we have recently incorporated a hot form titanium press into our operations.

This press enables us to offer expanded capabilities for our customers, supplying fast turnaround on hot formed components and subassemblies. Be sure to visit our hot forming titanium page linked above to learn more about this facet of our business.

If you have questions for our team on any aspect of our operations, or would like to ask us about a specific offering, contact us through our brief form.

Our Aerospace Manufacturing Company Services

At Re:Build Cutting Dynamics, we offer our clients diverse services that can improve their aerospace and aviation operations. These services include:

  • Hydroforming – Our hydroforming services allow us to form metal into a specific shape that is durable while also lightweight.
  • Hot forming – Hot forming is the process of using time, temperature and pressure to form a product. Our team has the experience and appropriate certifications to handle our customers’ hot forming needs in various titanium and aluminum alloys.
  • DFM feedback – State-of-the-art continuous compression molding along with our experience with press forming of fiber-reinforced thermoplastics allows us to provide DFM feedback to our customers.
  • Assembly – Our team creates assemblies to join together multiple parts and components to create larger sections of aircraft structures or even the entire aircraft. We are an experienced structural aircraft assembly team. From large to small, we can fulfill all your subassembly needs.
  • Kitting – Re:Build Cutting Dynamics can create a wide variety of maintenance kits for aircraft. Our process includes gathering all necessary materials, components, and parts into a kit to increase efficiency and ensure all essential components are readily available. Our barcoding and electronic record keeping system makes our kitting department as efficient as possible in managing inventory for large scale aircraft component kits.

Additionally, we are proud to announce we have earned a spot in Boeing’s Premier Bidder Program. The program recognizes and rewards consistently high-performing Boeing Commercial Airplanes suppliers.

The Industries We Serve

At Re:Build Cutting Dynamics, we continue to implement innovations to our products and services to ensure we stand out among aerospace manufacturing companies. Due to our efforts, over the last 30+ years, we have served as partners with numerous businesses in the following industries:

  • Defense – Our team works with representatives from the defense industry to ensure we craft effective components and parts that provide high-quality and safe functionality.
  • Commercial – Re:Build Cutting Dynamics creates components for large passenger aircraft, with capabilities to fulfill high volumes, meet strict standards, provide advanced techniques and materials, and use high-quality processes to produce safe and reliable parts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aerospace Part Manufacturing

Why is it important for companies to work with aerospace manufacturers like Re:Build Cutting Dynamics?

At Re:Build Cutting Dynamics, we produce reliable and high-quality parts to ensure safety, performance, and precision. It’s crucial for companies to work with us because we supply vital parts for aircraft, spacecraft, missiles and more that are trusted throughout the industry.

What materials can be used in aerospace manufacturing?

Material selection is key since high strength-to-weight ratios and corrosion-resistant construction are both desirable and can greatly impact a design.

The parts that we manufacture are typically constructed from titanium, aluminum, and carbon fiber. We use these materials because their light weight and durable properties make for the most effective parts.

What are some aircraft you’ve supplied parts for?

A few examples of the aircraft, helicopters, and missiles that we have supplied or are able to supply parts for include:

Our Aerospace Manufacturing Company Is a Step Above Other Hydroforming Companies

If you’re looking for a reliable aerospace manufacturing partner, our team is the answer. To learn more about what separates us from other hydroforming companies, and all we can do for your business, be sure to contact Re:Build Cutting Dynamics today.

Who We’ve Worked With

3pl company
spirit aerosystems
Collins Aerospace
Mitsubishi Corporation