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Since 1985, Cutting Dynamics has engineered and manufactured complex assemblies for clients in a variety of industries.

We specialize in hydroformed aluminum and hot-formed Titanium components, assemblies, and kitting for the aircraft industry.

And as our technological capabilities grow – we have one of the world’s most advanced systems for processing continuous & chopped fiber thermoplastic composites – we are able to better service our strategic partners.

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Our services include:

  • Hydroforming Lightweight Metal Components – In-house engineering/tooling design/manufacturing, repair, and manufacturing capabilities enable us to respond quickly to customer requirements. We routinely handle complicated parts including curved piece and smaller-run productions. Our state-of-the-art tri-from press, and new robots enable us to fabricate to the tightest tolerances
  • Expertise in continuous fiber products / chopped fiber products and stretch broken fiber products
  • Assembly/kitting – We have an experienced structural aircraft assembly team, and our barcoding and electronic record-keeping system makes our kitting department as efficient as possible in managing inventory for large-scale aircraft component kits.
  • Hot Form Titanium Capability – From tool design/manufacturing to 5 axis robotic trimming

From large to small applications, Cutting Dynamics can fulfill all of your complex assembly needs.And by working with a variety of materials – including aircraft-grade aluminum, #4130 steel, stainless steel, titanium and thermoplastic carbon fiber – we can truly adapt ourselves to any type of client.

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No matter the application, we look forward to engineering the complex components and assemblies your company needs.
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