Specialists in High-Performance Composite Products

Composite solutions that meet the exact specifications for highly technical, optimum performance industries are our forte.

Specialization in innovation and customer centricity ensure our continued use of only the latest and most efficient processes using the best composite solution technology available today.

We serve the following high-tech industries with proprietary, patented techniques:

  • Commercial and military aerospace applications
  • Aircraft interiors and structures
  • Unmanned vehicles

Benefits of Composite Products

High strength, low weight: Thermoplastic composites are four times more resistant and produce lower residual stress than traditional thermoset products.

Durability: Our composite solutions are resistant to water and chemical deterioration, very important factors when products must perform in high-risk or high-stress environments.

Environmentally conscious: The by-products of our manufacturing process are non-toxic and emit lower levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and they are recyclable.

Versatility: Applications of thermoplastic composite products vary by industry and client needs. We can formulate a personalized solution for you using a variety of materials and manufacturing processes.

Lightweight, Strong, and Precise Composite Solutions

Our manufacturing processes are performed in-house and are highly automated, enabling maximum safety, consistency, and traceability for all of our composite products. We are leaders in the latest thermoplastic composite production methods and use patented, proprietary techniques to deliver nothing less than the precision the industries we serve require.

Our composite solutions are composed of combinations that incorporate the most advanced biomaterials and ultra-performance polymers:

Processes Include:

  • CMM Fabrication of continuous fiber flat panels
  • CMM Fabrication of continuous fiber shapes
  • Injection molding of high temperature resins.
  • Over molding of continuous fiber with chopped fiber.
  • Stamp forming of continuous fiber panels
  • Machining and water jet cutting of composites
  • Painting of composites
  • Assembly of composite components

Continuous Fiber UD Tape, Chopped Long and Short Fiber Composite Products

  • Carbon/PPS
  • Carbon/Peek
  • Carbon/Pekk
  • Carbon/PES
  • Glass/PPS
  • Glass/Peek
  • Glass/Pekk
  • Glass/PES

Choose Cutting Dynamics for world-leading quality in all of your composite products.

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