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Specialists in High-Performance Thermoplastic Composite Products

composite manufacturing companyComposite solutions that meet the customer requirements for optimum performance.

We specialize in the following:

  • Commercial aircraft secondary structural components
  • Aircraft interior components
  • High volume continuous carbon fiber brackets and channels
  • Processes Include:
      • CMM Fabrication of continuous fiber flat panels
      • CMM Fabrication of continuous fiber shapes
      • Injection molding of high temperature resins.
      • Over molding of continuous fiber with chopped fiber.
      • Stamp forming of continuous fiber panels
      • Machining and water jet cutting of composites
      • Painting of composites
      • Assembly of composite components

    carbon fiber parts manufacturersContinuous Fiber UD Tape, Chopped Long and Short Fiber Composite Products

    • Carbon/PPS
    • Carbon/Peek
    • Carbon/Pekk
    • Carbon/PES
    • Glass/PPS
    • Glass/Peek
    • Glass/Pekk
    • Glass/PES

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