How Our UH-60 Black Hawk Phase Maintenance Kits Are Putting Us a Step Above Other Aircraft Part Suppliers

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At Cutting Dynamics, our Black Hawk UH-60 Phase Maintenance Kits offer a worthwhile solution to your scheduled phase overhauls. CDI has spent the past three years understanding the issues in the industry and in conjunction with the OEM, Sikorsky, has designed and developed a comprehensive solution that addresses those issues.

  • Standardization – CDI’s UH-60 Phase Maintenance Kits are 100% consumable, which means all parts are used in a standard overhaul and there is no waste.
  • Color coding – Our UH-60 Phase kits are color coded in a patented system to help maintenance teams easily sort and assemble the needed parts during repair and servicing of helicopters. Each zone of the helicopter is identified with a unique color with the corresponding replacement parts in the corresponding color package within our Black Hawk kits. This makes it extremely easy to make sure all the required parts are properly replaced.
  • Sequential packaging – Along with our color coding, our Black Hawk kitting has been designed to follow the sequential flow of the Maintenance Event thru Zone/Installation kit arrangement to provide easy-to-use visuals.
  • Flexibility – If your preference is to replace parts that could otherwise be re-inspected and used, Cutting Dynamics can provide a supplemental kit tailored to your specific needs.
  • Availability – The CDI team will work with you to develop a “Provisioning Plan” to ensure the kit is available when the aircraft arrives for maintenance, thus reducing lead times from months to days and eliminating downtime.
  • Experience – CDI works with a wide range of customers for both military and commercial applications, from the Department of Defense to county-owned operations to individual operators to MRO facilities.
  • Cost and time – With all of the factors above taken into consideration, the elapsed time for your maintenance when using our kitting solutions is significantly reduced and allows the aircraft to be returned to revenue service much quicker.

Operators of Black Hawk helicopters are aware of the maintenance and repairs that must occur after various intervals of flight hours. While this may seem like a daunting process, the team at Cutting Dynamics is able to make this upkeep as simple and easy to understand as possible through our efficient Black Hawk kit services.

Our 360-hour / 720-hour / 480-hour and 960-hour phase kits provide reliable, Sikorsky-approved parts that are sorted into five different sections and corresponding colors. We ensure that your maintenance will be easier to understand and perform than ever.

At Cutting Dynamics, you can rely on our team of engineers, program managers, quality assurance, supply chain professionals, and manufacturers to package a UH-60 kit specifically crafted for your company. Whether you’re in a commercial industry or you work in defense, we have the phase kit to fit your needs. Used helicopters have become a large market with thousands of aircraft in the U.S. alone, and we’re dedicated to providing efficient, reliable Black Hawk kits for your maintenance and rebuilds.

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Benefits That Come with Our UH-60 Kit Packaging

In addition to being able to provide solutions for Black Hawk helicopter maintenance, the kitting and fulfillment services you’ll receive from Cutting Dynamics are a step above other aerospace kits within the industry because of the following:

  • Patent-pending solutions – Our kits are patent-pending, meaning Cutting Dynamics is the only aircraft manufacturing company that can offer our comprehensive color-coded kitting packages. Additionally, we’re both AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified, which allows us to provide you with our services and products at the highest level of quality.
  • Versatile kitting plans – In addition to our kit packaging being color-coded and easy to decipher, our packaging is also customizable based on your company’s needs. When you work with our customer service team, you can place an order for our kits and take advantage of the following:
  • Reoccurring options – If you know you’ll be in need of our UH-60 kits on a regular basis, we’ll work with you to come up with an ordering plan that’s best for you.
  • Our team of experts – Cutting Dynamics is proud to have a growing team of professionals dedicated to engineering, quality control, program management, supply chain, and manufacturing who can help businesses like yours every step of the way. From parts management to shipping logistics, you’re in good hands when you order aircraft parts from us.
  • Experience within the defense industry – One of the industries that we regularly work with is the defense industry. Due to our experience, we know that markets within this sector have the highest standards for safety and functionality, and we’re pleased to be trusted by companies within the field.
  • Growing clientele – We’re proud to maintain relationships with a number of clients and be able to provide them with our kitting solutions. Since our kits are so versatile, we’re able to work with companies both big and small.

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Want to Learn More About Our Sikorsky Kitting Solutions? Reach Out to Us Today!

When it comes to our kitting and fulfillment services, our main objectives revolve around doing the following for your company:

  • Lowering your inventory/maintaining or improving readiness
  • Reducing your standard cost
  • Eliminating or greatly reducing your procurement administrative cost
  • Improving your cycle time

By producing our unique, patent-pending kits, we can take UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter kits to the next level. If you’re interested in requesting a quote or receiving more information about our aircraft parts, simply get in touch with our team today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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