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An Experienced Aerospace Hydroforming Manufacturer

hydroformingCutting Dynamics is a leading provider of hydroformed parts and services to major fixed wing, government, and helicopter OEM’s and more, worldwide.

We added our first hydroforming center to our Avon, Ohio facility in 2008 and it’s been our goal to keep expanding and innovating. Most recently, we announced the addition of a new fluid cell press capable of 10,000 psi.

To discover all that Cutting Dynamics can do to meet your company’s hydroforming needs, read on to our capabilities and advantages sections

Our Hydroforming Process Capabilities

hydroforming sheet metalAt Cutting Dynamics, we are able to form sheet metal components from aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel, giving our clients versatility when determining what best fits their company’s requirements.

Our in-house tooling capabilities combined with the redundancy of multiple presses enables Cutting Dynamics to offer a large production capacity. Ultimately, this means a much faster response to client needs.

Our team also specializes in low volume production, which means we can perform smaller run production of components with distinctive efficiency.

Additionally, we’re always looking for ways to improve. To learn about the addition of our fluid cell hydroform press, visit our Triform press page.

Advantages of Hydroforming

Hydroforming is a process in which the sheet metal is forced to take the shape of only a single rigid die by the action of fluid pressure, which acts through a rubber diaphragm.

One key advantage of this process is that only a single rigid die is needed, making it possible to form more complex shapes wrinkle-free and with material thinning of less than 10%.

hydroforming company

Other advantages of utilizing hydroforming for your operations include:

  • Sheet thickness which is uniformly distributed
  • High dimensional accuracy
  • High material efficiency
  • Uniform strength with less product waste
  • High surface quality for the end-product due to no direct contact with any tool
  • High precision and pressure control
  • Useful for a range of applicable materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel
  • Cost savings due to removing the need for steel tooling

As you can see, the benefits of hydroforming are varied, making hydroforming for aerospace and other industrial uses a worthwhile decision.

CDI: Qualified to Guarantee Safety and Reliability

Cutting Dynamics carries the most up-to-date industry certifications, which include AS9100 and ISO9001. Additionally, we maintain a comprehensive digital documentation and certification system for complete traceability of every component.

We’re dedicated to ensuring all of our parts meet the highest of standards because we know how essential that is for the sectors we supply to. For a look at these sectors, visit the CDI industries page.

And if you’re interested in sheet metal fabrication, be sure to check out our aerospace sheet metal fabrication page.

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Additionally, if you’re looking for a resource to hot form titanium, we can also be of service!