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Cutting Dynamics Is an Experienced Manufacturer of Aircraft Firewalls

In the aerospace industry, ensuring that your aircraft firewall meets all the FAA’s requirements is complicated, time consuming, and costly.

Cutting Dynamics has been fabricating parts for both military and commercial applications since 1985, making us a manufacturer you can trust for parts like aircraft firewalls that meet all specifications.

Read on for information on our firewall assembly capabilities, hot forming services, and other ways Cutting Dynamics can provide for you as an aircraft parts supplier.

Titanium Aircraft Firewalls

For companies that need titanium firewalls for their operations, Cutting Dynamics has the ability to produce high-quality components to your specifications. Let’s take a look at some aspects of titanium firewall assemblies and the Cutting Dynamics process.

  • Titanium firewalls commonly require hot forming of titanium and development of tooling, both of which are aspects we regularly provide
  • These firewalls are large, complex assemblies requiring sophisticated engineering, which is where our experienced team comes into play
  • Cutting Dynamics can engineer, and reverse engineer if necessary, tooling required for titanium details quickly and efficiently in-house as part of our services
  • We own the entire production process, from induction heating and preparing of the titanium to fabrication/finish and assembly

Our Hot Forming Titanium Operations

We provide for our customers’ firewall assembly needs by way of our hot forming titanium press. This press was produced by the Beckwood Corporation and it supplies us and our customers a number of key benefits, chief among them a highly reduced lead time of 12 weeks for production of finished parts.

Key features of our press include:

  • 30” x 48” heated platens which are fabricated from TMA® 4505, which is a high-strength and heat-resistant alloy utilized for high-temperature purposes
  • Each of the platens in the press incorporates nine heating zones that ensure a temperature uniformity for components within +/-5°, and the unit itself can reach temperatures up to 1,600°F+
  • The press is capable of being used for forming titanium parts, along with other high-strength alloys

Additional Services from Cutting Dynamics

Along with our hot forming titanium capabilities for titanium firewalls, the team at Cutting Dynamics can supply a range of vital services, including:

We work closely with all of our customers to ensure that each of our services meets their exact needs and specifications, and our experience in the industry means we can make key recommendations that can benefit your final components.

For a High-Quality Aircraft Firewall, Partner with Cutting Dynamics

At Cutting Dynamics, we are dedicated to delivering the essential, reliable components that aircraft and aerospace companies need. If you have any questions for us about aircraft firewalls or our titanium firewall assemblies, be sure to contact our team.

Reach out to us via our online contact form or by phone at 888-235-2737 today. We look forward to working with you.