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What Makes Us the Experts in Hydroforming Aluminum?

What do you get when you combine over 30 years of experience in innovative manufacturing with a commitment to maximizing client value?

You get superior performance and leadership in aluminum hydroforming from Cutting Dynamics, Inc.

Our Innovative Hydroformed Aluminum Processes Help Companies Achieve the Exceptional

Our processes for hydroforming aluminum and aluminum sheets are rooted in efficiency. We have in-house engineering and tooling capabilities that promote large production capacity and ultimately translate into a faster response to client needs. Additionally, we specialize in low-volume production which gives us the ability to perform smaller production runs of components that are finished with distinctive effectiveness.

Discover the Potential of Our Versatile Hydroformed Aluminum Applications

Fluid cell hydroforming, or fluid forming, pushes high-pressure fluid into a bladder situated above the flat blank. This forces the aluminum, placed over a single side form, to conform to the desired shape by creating both vertical and horizontal pressure. The result of hydroforming aluminum is simple or complex shapes that are designed for performance in any industry. This process is commonly used because it is quick, efficient, and cost-effective as it transforms ductile metals into intricate components.

While the process works particularly well on aluminum, it can be performed on any cold-formed metal including copper, nickel, steel, and stainless steel. It is recommended for projects that demand intricate parts that are complex, asymmetrical, or long and shallow.

The Advantages of Hydroforming Aluminum Sheets

There are many reasons to use hydroforming on aluminum and aluminum sheets. From achieving broader design freedom to encouraging higher mechanical strength, this process is designed for creating quality components that are durable enough for use in aviation products and more.

    • Conformance within tight tolerances – The process is precise enough to meet aerospace industry requirements


    • Almost limitless geometric capabilities – Possibilities include curves, offsets, convex and concave shapes


    • Cost savings – One-sided form tools and the ability to produce complex metal shapes without matched metal tooling make this an economical approach to manufacturing complex shapes


  • “Drop hammer” components – Our experts have been able to produce several “drop hammer” parts via hydroforming, saving our clients both time and money

Why Is Cutting Dynamics the Manufacturer of Choice for Our Aerospace, Defense, Medical, and Heavy Equipment Partners?

We continue to accelerate ahead of the competition in the hydroformed aluminum industry, as we opened a new hydroforming fluid cell processing center in 2008. The addition was made to stay true to our goal of expanding and innovating. It has been complemented by our existing hydroforming equipment and our Verson “bag press.”  The processing center is capable of producing up to 10,000 psi, which is used to create proper conditions for hydroforming aluminum and more.

All of the resources we need to design, engineer, and manufacture your components are easily accessible in-house, cutting your turnaround time while ensuring adherence to precise specifications.

As the aerospace industry has continued to grow due to travel demands and more, the need for excellence in products and components has increased. At Cutting Dynamics, we guarantee the highest quality results from our AS9100 and ISO 9001-certified operations. This promotes confidence that your components are standardized in design and production and will perform when you need them to.

Learn More About Our Processes for Hydroforming Aluminum Today

When your projects require a precise solution, try hydroformed aluminum sheets. Not only is the process cost- and time-efficient, but it also produces complex shapes that you can trust for your applications.

Contact Cutting Dynamics today to see how combining the dynamic nature of hydroformed aluminum with our high-tech expertise will ensure unparalleled results in your next project.