5 Things That Made Headlines in the Aerospace Industry in 2017

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1. Boeing’s “Comfy” Space Suit

Ever since Boeing released photos of their new “Starliner Space Suit” it’s been talked about on a variety of aerospace blogs and publications.

Popular Science even named it one of the top 10 “most incredible aerospace inventions” of 2017. Reebok helped them with the design, crafting light-weight sneaker-like boots.

The rest of the suit is made with helpful materials, such as mesh joints that enable astronauts to move more fluidly. Not to mention, the touch-sensitive gloves let the astronauts be able to take selfies with ease!

2. GermFalcon

It would make sense that one of the greatest innovations talked about this year would be that hospital-like cleanliness can now go airborne! Bloomberg recently reported on a new gadget, the GermFalcon, that’s gotten a lot of attention.

By utilizing existing technology, the GermFalcon uses ultraviolet light to sanitize tray tables, arm rests, and even airplane toilets! In just a minute, the food cart-like device can clean 54 seats, ridding them of any bacteria present.

3. 3D Printing Parts and Tools

3D printing may be old news, but some big advancements have been made this year for the aerospace and aviation industries due to additive manufacturing. Some insights:

  • Aviation Today had a piece describing how in 2016, Boeing was able to 3D print a tool in just 30 hours that would normally take three months to make. And this year, GE 3D printed an entire engine.
  • Throughout the year, 3D printing has been a major topic in the aerospace and aviation industries, affecting everything from aircraft parts to tools, and much more. It’s no secret that 3D printing will continue to revolutionize how aircrafts are made going into the future.

4. Aireon’s Satellite-Based Tracking

It’s quite astonishing that in 2017, with all the technology we have present on our planet, that when airplanes fly over oceans we still don’t really know where they are. This is what Aireon is attempting to rectify.

Once aircrafts go beyond 200 miles offshore, they become virtually unaccounted for. And when an aircraft crashes over open waters, we do not have the technology to pinpoint exactly where the crash occurred, making it hard for recovery teams to do their best work.

In an effort to not only improve recovery efforts, but to also simply track airplanes more efficiently, Aireon has been testing out a new satellite network system over the past year in hopes that it can soon be ready to be put into place all over the globe.

5. Sliding Seats

One aircraft innovation that has been posted on many popular news sites, such as Business Insider, has been the innovative idea of sliding seats.

Anyone who has ever been on an airplane knows that one of the worst parts is having to scoot down the slim aisle during boarding, unboarding, and trips to the restroom. However, Molon Labe Seating has created a unique solution for this tedious problem.

Their new design offers a row of seats that can slide over each other to temporarily become more compact. This makes room in the aisle for people accessing their overhead luggage and walking to the front and back of the plane without bumping into armrests!

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