5 Reasons Why You Can Rely on Our Kitting and Assembly Services

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Since our establishment in 1985, Cutting Dynamics has grown into a company that manufacturers can rely on for capabilities such as our kitting and assembly services. When professionals in sectors such as defense or aerospace are looking for a fitting solution to their industrial needs, they come to Cutting Dynamics.

Because of our growing facility, team, and capabilities, we are proud to work with you and your corporation, right in our kitting warehouse. From designing prototypes to handling final assembly, Cutting Dynamics will be there every step of the way with your best interests in mind.

When it comes to assembly and kitting solutions in particular, our capabilities span decades and are reflected in the hundreds of thousands of shipments we send to companies around the world every year. There are many reasons why you can rely on Cutting Dynamics’ kitting and assembly services, which have been summed up below:

  • Growing product inventory
  • Increasing technological capabilities
  • Quality department
  • Customized parts and pieces
  • Knowledge of many materials

Each of these reasons will be covered in an in-depth basis throughout this blog post. If your team is interested in placing an order or learning more about our Cleveland, Ohio kitting warehouse, please contact us today.

1. Growing Product Inventory

As an AS9100-registered 3PL/4PL center, Cutting Dynamics has a wide span of kitting capabilities. With more than 400,000 shipments of kits annually, our team of assembly professionals has experience handling a variety of products, such as stretch broken fibers and thermoplastic composites.

A sample of the products within our inventory that we can make specifically for your company include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • Wing spars
  • Flooring
  • Table arms
  • Center consoles
  • Arm rests

For more than 30 years, our business has continued to grow, meaning our overall product inventory has also seen growth. As a result, Cutting Dynamics can provide kitting solutions while handling a wide span of products and technological advances.

2. Increasing Technological Capabilities

In addition to the various products in our inventory mentioned above, Cutting Dynamics has significant capability in technological advances. Whether your company has been family-owned for decades or is just beginning its manufacturing journey, our team will be able to work with you on any technological request you may have.

With advanced processing systems, modern robotic technology and complex hydroforming presses in our kitting warehouse, we’re able to provide progressive innovations to fit your organization’s needs.

3. Quality Department

Here at Cutting Dynamics, quality assurance remains a top priority. Our team is proud to be both AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified, which are scopes of recognition for our various kitting and assembly services with metal and composite components.

Our quality assurance department team members are cross-functional and fully trained to take on many imperative tasks such as inspections and documentation. This team of hardworking employees works in conjunction with our engineering department to deliver an innovative kitting solution for our customers.

The step-by-step process that you can expect for a project launch from our quality assurance and engineering departments include:

  • Customer’s initial project scope
  • CDI engineering (reverse engineering/DPD/MBD)
  • Manufacturing (state-of-the-art equipment, robotics)
  • CDI quality (FAI/final inspection/documentation)
  • Customer approval
  • Final product launch

4. Customized Parts and Pieces

In the realm of our kitting and assembly services, our team is able to customize kits to contain anywhere from 5 to 5,000 items. We can also handle kits of any size, complete to any of your business’ specifications.

In addition to your customized products created within our Midwest kitting warehouse, you will also receive customized packaging that’s tailored to your needs. This packaging includes conveniences such as:

  • Returnable boxes
  • Layout maps
  • Special work instructions

5. Knowledge of Many Materials

The team here at Cutting Dynamics first began with three employees and two wire EDM machines. Since then, we’ve grown to over 140 employees and a kitting warehouse that spans over 165,000 square feet. To distinguish ourselves from other Ohio kitting companies, we have hired a well-rounded group of employees.

Our staff has experience in the field in industries such as aerospace, engineering, manufacturing and defense. As a result, we’re able to work on custom orders, parts management, shipping services and more in a speedy and professional manner.

Whether you’re a first-time customer or have put in repeat orders, our employees will continue to work with you to ensure your total satisfaction.

We Provide Reliable Kitting and Assembly Services in Ohio

If you’re ready to utilize our kitting services for the benefit of your organization, reach out to us today so we can begin our collaboration process. Our experienced staff is excited to get to work tackling your next project.