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We Can Sell You Replacement UH-60 Parts!

Black Hawk helicopter parts

Black Hawk Parts at Cutting Dynamics

The Black Hawk helicopter is known for its efficiency and strength. With its armored seats, advanced avionics, radar system, and titanium-cored rotors, this aircraft is suited for a variety of missions.

In order to carry troops or medical equipment, it needs to be properly maintained. For this reason, we manufacture reliable UH-60 replacement parts that can be kept on board while any mission is underway.

We Can Provide You Black Hawk Helicopter Parts

At Cutting Dynamics, we supply aerospace companies with essential products and services needed to improve operations. Our goal is to provide excellent value to customers in need of high-quality components, assemblies, engineering solutions or kitting needs.

Black Hawk and UH-60 Parts

If you’re looking for Black Hawk maintenance kits or Black Hawk replacement parts, you’ve come to the right place.  We carry Black Hawk parts, including replacement UH-60 parts, for your convenience. Cutting Dynamics can provide you with spare parts for the:

  • Cockpit (Zone 1)
  • Cabin (Zone 2)
  • Transition (Zone 3)
  • Tail cone (Zone 4)
  • Tail rotor pylon (Zone 5)
  • Main rotor pylon (Zone 6)

In addition, we carry Sikorsky and CDI parts such as:

  • 70249-92021-012
  • 70249-92023-012
  • 70249-92021-013
  • 70249-92023-013
  • 70249-92024-012
  • 70249-92024-013
  • 70249-92024-014
  • PX-70750
  • PX-70950
  • PX-70950M
  • PX-70480
  • PX-70960
  • PX-70960M

Black Hawk Spare Parts Services

The Cutting Dynamics Difference for Black Hawk Parts

What separates Cutting Dynamics from other companies that carry Black Hawk parts like UH-60 parts? We have established measurable objectives with industry-leading technology and continual improvement to constantly offer premium parts.

At Cutting Dynamics, we strive to create a portfolio of solutions that help your aircraft thrive. From commercial fields to defense, no matter your needs, we manufacture components like Black Hawk spare parts that can be customized to fit your needs. Be sure to check out the factors below that set us apart from other Black Hawk parts providers.


Allow us to be your Black Hawk parts supplier. Along with our expertise in Black Hawk kitting, we also have a skilled team of engineers and manufacturers who allow us to offer key aerospace services for:


At Cutting Dynamics, we are both AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified. Whether you’re specifically looking for UH-60 parts or other forms of Black Hawk parts in general, we prioritize safety and have a set of quality codes  that we stand by.  We ensure you are getting trustworthy products and services from a qualified team of experts with valuable experience.


Being aerospace industry experts, we pride ourselves on our ability to serve both the commercial aerospace and defense industries. View our specific pages for more insights.


Our clients continue to trust us with their needs for Black Hawk parts. Since being founded in 1985, we have made a name for ourselves in the aerospace industry, and we have only continued to grow and expand our range of services and capabilities as well. Not to mention, we have been fortunate to have worked with an array of notable companies such as:

  • Bell
  • Spirit
  • Cessna
  • Sikorsky
  • Boeing
  • B/E Aerospace
  • Gulfstream
  • Parker
  • And more

Additional Information on Our Maintenance Kits

If you are in need of more than one part, be sure to check out our UH-60 Black Hawk part kits. We are able to supply maintenance kits that are tailored to your specific requirements, making sure that you get only what you need and nothing that you don’t.

Additionally, your kit will be constructed using a patented, color-coded system to assist visually as you sort and assemble parts. Lastly, you will find that our UH-60 part kits are 100% consumable, meaning that all of the parts are used in a standard overhaul with zero waste.

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