Interview with Gerard Choinka, Sales Engineer at Beckwood Press

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Q&A with Beckwood Press

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In 2014, we partnered with Beckwood Press for the production of a fluid cell sheet hydroforming press. This press, known as the Triform 1648-5BD, is now situated in our hydroforming center and is a valuable asset that complements our other hydroforming equipment.

To assist in expanding our aerospace production capabilities, we’ve partnered with the team at Beckwood Press again, this time in the production of a brand-new hot forming titanium press. The order for this new press was placed in April 2018 and the press is expected to be installed within our facility in November 2018.

To highlight functionalities of the press and the hard work that went into its creation, we interviewed Gerard Choinka, a Sales Engineer at Beckwood Press. Below, Choinka outlines the collaboration between our two companies and explains how this press is one of a kind.

1. Tell us about your overall experience with Cutting Dynamics. What was the collaboration process like in creating the titanium press?

The team at Cutting Dynamics is very knowledgeable about aerospace forming techniques. Although they are relatively new to hot forming, their team was eager to learn the intricacies of the process and collaborate with us to create a machine that would give them a competitive edge.

2. How long did the press take to complete and what did your timeline look like for its creation?

Upon receipt of the purchase order in April 2018, the project was assigned a dedicated project manager and engineering team. Structural, hydraulic, and electrical approval drawings were sent to Cutting Dynamics throughout the engineering phase to ensure design criteria were met and allow for modifications if needed.

Once all the components are received and inspected, the press will be constructed by an experienced team of assemblers, electricians, and machinists. It will then undergo an 8-hour continuous run-off to test system durability and will be reviewed by our Quality Team prior to shipment in November.

3. Compared to other presses you’ve made before, are there any specific features that make this one stand out (e.g., functionality, materials)?

Beckwood utilized several cutting-edge technologies and components on this hot forming press to ensure it could efficiently handle the extreme temperatures inherent to the process.

    • 30” x 48” heated platens are fabricated TMA® 4505, a high-strength, heat-resistant alloy developed by Duraloy specifically for high-temperature applications. Capable of temperatures up to 1600°F+, each platen contains nine heating zones to ensure temperature uniformity to within +/-5°
    • Automated insulated door systems efficiently contain heat within the forming chamber while allowing access during part or tool loading and unloading sequences.

4. What are some applications or common projects you foresee Cutting Dynamics using this press for?

This press will be used to form titanium aerospace parts and other high-strength alloys at high temperatures.

5. How long has your company been making presses, and what are their most common applications?

Established in 1976, Beckwood Press Company is a leading hydraulic press manufacturer, located in St. Louis, Missouri.

We offer custom, high-quality hydraulic presses for virtually every industry and application, including a line of temperature-controlled presses for compression molding, composite forming and high-temperature hot forming / SPF applications.

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