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Cutting Dynamics has been providing the aerospace industry with the essential products and services they need for 30 years and counting. Our team offers a variety of services including hydroforming, hot forming, thermoplastic composite manufacturing, and more to help our customers improve their aerospace and aviation operations.

Through years of experience in the manufacturing industry, we pride ourselves on being industry professionals with a wide range of essential skills, and our team can develop custom solutions for both the commercial and defense industries. Since adding a hot forming titanium press to our operations, we have become a leading manufacturer of titanium components for the aerospace industry.

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Our Titanium Components Manufacturing Capabilities

Back in 2018, Cutting Dynamics purchased a new hot forming press from Beckwood Corporation that allowed us to expand upon the services we offered. With Cutting Dynamics’s added hot forming capabilities, our company can produce all types of titanium parts for the aerospace industry.

At Cutting Dynamics, we are able to go above and beyond the competition. Our titanium component capabilities enable us to significantly reduce lead times by a total of 12 weeks. We also have an in-house team that can design and produce all of the necessary tools and fixtures. Our hot forming capabilities offer various benefits such as:

  • Improved accuracy due to the elimination of spring back
  • Less likelihood to show signs of cracking
  • Tighter radii allow for easily formed complex shapes
  • The material does not experience thinning while forming

As our company continues to grow, our operational capabilities continue to grow as well. We are committed to implementing new company-wide innovations to remain a leader in the aerospace sector. To learn more about our hot forming titanium operations, read our hot forming post.

Titanium Components for Aerospace

Titanium parts are frequently found in products used by the aerospace industry. Did you know that two-thirds of the amount of titanium formed is utilized exclusively in aircraft engines and frames? This is most likely because titanium is known for its superior strength and low weight. Cutting Dynamics regularly produces titanium parts for aerospace, providing companies with the essential parts and services they need to operate.

Titanium has a number of qualities that make it a material of choice in the aerospace industry. Featuring a solid resistance to corrosion and the highest strength-to-weight ratio found in any type of metal, titanium parts are used for jet engines, firewalls, missiles, and a variety of other aviation products.

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