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Are you considering choosing thermoplastic composites (CFRTP) for your next project? If so, Cutting Dynamics is your source for essential carbon composites that can provide reliability and durability, whether you are in the aerospace field or another sector.

Cutting Dynamics performs carbon fiber parts manufacturing for aerospace OEMs and more. We aim to optimize our CFRP components for key aerospace industry goals: decreased weight through more efficient parts, and safety. Our patented advancements in thermoplastic component production allow us to minimize your aircraft’s weight without compromising strength, reliability, or aesthetic appeal.

Read on to learn more about our carbon fiber composites and everything else Cutting Dynamics can supply for your operations, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions.

What Kind of Components Do You Need?

At Cutting Dynamics, our team can supply parts and components for a wide range of applications, all to ensure that our clients can always get just what they need. Just a few of the FST-compliant carbon fiber parts we produce for aircraft interiors include:

  • Wing spars
  • Flooring
  • Stringers
  • Seat backs
  • Seat pans
  • Arm rests
  • Table arms
  • Table slides
  • End bays
  • Spanner bars
  • Center consoles and more

Along with our diverse product options, Cutting Dynamics also utilizes a variety of fiber materials based on client needs, such as:

  • Carbon / PPS
  • Carbon / PEKK
  • Carbon / PEEK
  • Carbon / PEI

In our facility, we run a patented process that allows for the rapid manufacturing of continuous flat panels and complex shapes in 50’ lengths. We also develop custom subassemblies and composite solutions.

All of this is part of our dedication to our clients, so that when they seek carbon fiber composites from us for aerospace or other applications, they can be confident they are receiving only the highest quality in craftsmanship.

We Perform All of the Following Steps for Carbon Fiber Composites In-House

  • Engineering
  • Tooling
  • Tape consolidation
  • CCM (Continuous Compression Molding)
  • Waterjet cutting
  • Hot forming
  • Trimming using 5-axis robot
  • Assembly
  • Kitting
  • 4PL Sourcing of any additional components


Be sure to visit our capabilities page to see our full list of services. With our years of experience in manufacturing for the aerospace and aviation field, we’ve honed a wide array of core offerings that can deliver what you need.

Not in aerospace? We serve a variety of clients in other industries. Please contact us for details on how we can provide carbon fiber parts for other applications. We can assess your needs and get you the carbon composites that can fit your applications.

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We understand the priorities of our clients in the aerospace industry – the pressing need to have carbon fiber parts that are functional, lightweight and reliable at all times. With that in mind, Cutting Dynamics is committed to continually innovating and expanding our services to ensure our clients only receive the best-quality solutions.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can deliver optimum performance. We look forward to assisting you.