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hydroforming carbon steel

With a hydroforming center that’s been in operation for over a decade, Cutting Dynamics is a leading provider of hydroformed parts. Our hydroforming center in Avon, Ohio manufactures hydroformed parts to repair and maintain a range of aircraft. With our 10,000-psi-capable fluid cell press, hydroforming carbon steel has never been a more reliable and seamless process.

Our Carbon Steel Hydroforming Process

A combination of in-house engineering and multiple presses allows us to deliver customized hydroformed carbon steel solutions directly to our customers. Among our hydroforming equipment is a Verson “bag press” and a Triform fluid cell sheet hydroforming press from Beckwood Press Company.

Our Triform press uses adaptable diaphragms and 10,000 psi of pressure to shape sheet material into female cavities or around male blocks. The Triform allows us to decrease turnaround time when hydroforming carbon steel, as it handles a large percentage of our parts, which offsets the need for the larger Verson press. The high forming pressure applied evenly to each square inch of the material’s surface increases the forming capability when hydroforming carbon steel.

The diaphragm of the Triform is designed to be universal and conforms to the shape placed within the chamber. This eliminates the need for matched die sets and ultimately decreases tooling costs.

Our team also specializes in low-volume production which means that we are capable of efficiently handling small production orders that are completely customized to our customer’s requirements. The vast amount of hydroforming equipment in our 165,000-square-foot facility allows us to adjust to both small- and large-scale production orders with distinct efficiency.

The Advantages of Hydroforming Carbon Steel

Carbon steel hydroforming results in a uniform sheet thickness and uniform strength with high dimensional accuracy and high material efficiency. Other advantages of hydroforming carbon steel include:

  • Less than 10% material thinning
  • High pressure control
  • High precision
  • Less tooling which results in cost savings
  • High end-product surface quality

Hydroforming offers a wide range of benefits for carbon steel and a number of other applicable materials such as aluminum and stainless steel.

Hydroformed Carbon Steel for Aerospace

With years of experience in the manufacturing industry, we have become leaders in hydroformed parts. Our hydroformed parts provide customized solutions for the following industries:

  • Commercial – With our manufacture-to-customer print components, our team provides customized solutions for commercial aircraft. Carbon steel hydroforming is just one method with which we’re able to deliver our custom solutions to the commercial aerospace industry.
  • Defense – Our team assists with kitting, forming, assembly, 3/4PL and more for the defense industry.

Certified Quality

Cutting Dynamics is both AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified. We also maintain a digital record and certification system for parts which allows for complete traceability of every component. We understand the important role that our parts play in the aerospace industry and we’re committed to upholding high-quality standards when hydroforming carbon steel.

We know that our customers require the highest quality components, assemblies, engineered solutions, and kittings in the aerospace industry, and it is our mission to provide unmatched value in delivering custom hydroformed solutions.

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