The Top 18 Aerospace and Aviation Industry Blogs and Publications You Need to Be Reading

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aerospace aviation blogsAre you in the aerospace or aviation industries, or just love reading about them, and are looking for some new blogs to follow or publications to subscribe to? Check out this great list of 18 of the top aviation magazines, blogs, and aerospace trade publications that you should follow!

1. Aerospace Manufacturing

From articles to videos to events and much more, this aerospace publication is a great read for those looking to get a lot out of a magazine and online news source.

2. Aerospace Engineering

Rainer Groh is the creator of this great blog, having gained his expertise as a research associate at the University of Bristol. He describes what he does as “trying to make wings, fuselages, rocket shells, etc. as light as possible without them breaking, snapping, crushing… basically failing in service before they are meant to.”

3. Aviation Week Network

This online publication is a multi-channel service provider, offering news and tools for those in the aircraft, aerospace, and defense industries. They also host events such as conferences and exhibitions.

4. Plane and Pilot Magazine

Not only do they have a print/digital magazine available to subscribe to, but their online blog has tons of great posts about the aviation industry and much more. They even have a cool pilot talk category that features stories from real pilots.

5. Aerospace Manufacturing and Design

As another awesome aerospace magazine, this publication will keep you up to date on many different areas, ranging from 3D-printing technology to MRO, education, and more.

6. Combat Aircraft

Known as “America’s best-selling military aviation magazine,” this publication also boasts a site loaded with interesting posts and essential news. Check out their active aviation forum which allows aviation lovers to share key insights.

7. The Aerospace Corporation

This site issues the Crosslink, which is a scientific magazine that showcases posts written by aerospace engineers and scientists that have high authority in their field.They also publish books, annual reports, and more!

8. Aerospace Industries Association

This is one of the preeminent aerospace blogs, as it is written by the official Aerospace Industries Association which is the most “authoritative and influential trade association representing the U.S. aerospace and defense industry on Capitol Hill.”

9. JP Aerospace

Are you interested in getting a first-hand look at life in spaceflight and the process it takes to get there? Well, this in-depth blog is just for you. Originating in 2007, this blog has been updated weekly ever since.

10. EEA Inspire Blog

This blog shares both educational and inspirational stories about the aviation industry, posts about aviation history, engages in youth outreach, and much more. The site also has some great podcasts for subscribers on the go.

11. AEROSPACE Magazine

Run by the Royal Aeronautical Society, this aerospace trade publication allows readers to learn important news, follow analyses from experts in the industry, discover in-depth feature articles and much more.

12. Flying Magazine

You can find videos, news, and more on this aviation magazine’s website. With its print edition created in 1927 by William Ziff, Sr., this publication has been popular for 90 years due to its thorough reporting on aviation affairs.

13. Air & Space Magazine

Learn about the history of flight, current aerospace industry updates, and even experience virtual space with their cool new virtual reality videos. They also have a selection of interesting interviews as well that are a must-read.

14. Airscape Magazine

As a tool to strengthen the voices of those in the aviation industry, this magazine welcome anyone who enjoys aviation, even if that means you just like watching planes fly over your house!

15.’s Aerospace Blog

Who else to learn about the latest updates in aerospace news from than one of the most trusted organizations in the industry? From the latest technology to future speculations, this site gives you a great look into the technical side of the business.

16. The Aviationist

Run by former pilot and journalist David Cenciotti, this blog has been active since 2006 and has become one of the most authoritative and widely read military aviation blogs on the web.

17. Intelligent Aerospace

For years, Intelligent Aerospace has been gaining industry authority by hosting one of the best aerospace blogs, showcasing industry news, the latest technology, and other important issues for aerospace professionals to be in the know about.

18. AviationCV Blog

AviationCV is a pilot line training program which also offers an in-depth blog focusing on key concerns in the aviation industry. They post about a variety of topics, including industry news, regulation updates, and more.

19. Howard’s Tower

This blog offers original content from Intelligent Aerospace’s Editor, Courtney E. Howard, as she dives into different topics and issues within the aerospace and aviation industries.

20. JetHead

From pilot reports to the “Ask an Airline Pilot” featurette to insider tips, this blog offers diverse content from creator Dr. Chris Manno, who is most known for his creative airline cartoons.

21. Things with Wings

Brought to you by Aviation Week, this blog has a backlog of great articles on various planes and even features political insights about the industry. Be sure to check it out often for new articles.

22. Aviation Safety

Any pilot or aviation enthusiast will know that safety is one of the most important aspects of the job, so this publication is a great resource that can help you learn more on risk management and accident prevention.

23. Tales from the Terminal

Since late 2014, a self-proclaimed “avgeek” has been posting articles of all kinds, thanks to her inside look at the industry through her job at an airport. Get some laughs in and learn new things at the same time with this fun blog.

24. Aerosavvy

As a recommendation from Tales from the Terminal, Aerosavvy comes to us from Ken Hoke, a pilot himself who flies Boeing 757s and 767s. And although he hasn’t written in a few months, he has a very cool and active Instagram account which is also worth checking out.

25. Defence Blog

With different categories such as land, naval, missiles, and security, this blog has a lot to offer its readers. They cover topics from a variety of writers who offer diverse perspectives on the industry.

26. Aerospace Technology

Interested in the technical side of the aerospace industry? Just have a knack for predicting advancements in the field? Then this is the right blog for you. Come learn the newest developments in aircrafts, airlines, and more from this great blog.

27. JetWhine

As a blog with a notable staff overseeing and producing its content, it makes sense for JetWhine to be featured as a top blog in the industry. Be sure to check out the bios from the publisher and editors to learn about their considerable experience, and stay for the valuable insights you can find in their posts.

28. Airline Reporter

With a team of 25 writers from all over the world, and over 2 million miles flown for their stories, this blog does its due diligence in providing the quality content avgeeks want.

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