3 Reasons Why Black Hawk Helicopters Are Ideal for Medical Evacuations

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“If you are in trouble anywhere in the world, an airplane can fly over and drop flowers, but a helicopter can land and save your life.”

– Igor Sikorsky, 1947 

UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters are the most well-suited helicopters to perform air medical evacuations today. With the versatility of functions that this helicopter features, there is no question that it holds its place as the most ideal helicopter for emergency situations. Helicopters are essential tools in life-threatening situations that allow us to transport people or materials quickly and from afar.

The incredibly powerful UH-60 MEDEVAC provides such features as a 6-patient litter system, onboard oxygen generator, and a medical suction system. In addition, Black Hawk MEDEVAC helicopters are utilized for battlefield evacuation, combat search and rescue, hospital ship lifeline missions, and more.

1. Safety Is a Priority During a Helicopter Medical Evacuation

What makes these medical aircrafts ideally suited for medical evacuation jobs? They are versatile in their functionality, protection, and safety features. UH-60 MEDEVAC helicopters are capable of storing large amounts of medical and emergency equipment while allowing space for multiple people to travel at a high speed in any condition.

If an emergency situation ever occurs, this aircraft is the ideal transportation system to carry you to safety. The Black Hawk helicopter is also the primary air ambulance for the Army.

Some features of UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters include:

  • Armor protective seats for pilot and co-pilot
  • Cargo hook for external lift missions
  • Titanium and fiberglass main rotor (4 blades)
  • Powered by 2 General Electric T700-GE-700 1622 turboshaft engines
  • Speed of 163 mph
  • Allows door mounting of 2 M60D 7.62mm machine guns
  • Disperses chaff and infrared jamming flares using the M130 general purpose dispenser
  • Capacity for an entire 11-man fully-equipped squad in most weather conditions, with a crew of 3

During a helicopter medical evacuation, this particular helicopter has overall been able to enhance the safety of emergency aid capabilities and mobility in air medical evacuations due to its cargo capacity improvements.

2. The Black Hawk Medevac Is Fast, Powerful and Versatile

It’s easy to see why the Black Hawk is the preferred method of transportation for helicopter medical evacuations. Though there are different versions of this aircraft, it is incredibly powerful and efficient during medical evacuations. Here are some examples of the aircraft in action:

In air medical evacuation situations, the typical configuration of the helicopter provides enough space for 6 litter patients and one ambulatory patient. There are many other variations that can fit comfortably inside the aircraft, and each configuration allows sufficient moving room for a crew chief and a medical aidman.

When the aircraft is in a helicopter medical evacuation, the center pedestal of the MEDEVAC can rotate 90 degrees on its vertical axis, allowing patients to load/unload on each side of the vehicle. In addition to multiple entrances, this aircraft also has a double engine, allowing it to travel faster to your emergency landing ground.

As you can see in the videos above, the UH-60 MEDEVAC is powerful, functional and overall a favored aircraft among many medical professionals as well as aerospace pilots, engineers, and military service members.

3. UH-60 Medevacs Contain Top-Quality Engineered Materials

Black Hawk helicopters are known for their high-quality materials and construction, which is yet another reason why these aircraft are so well suited for the important job of helicopter medical evacuation. 

Even so, sometimes parts need to be replaced. Whether you work in a commercial field or the defense industry, at Cutting Dynamics we have replacement kits to fix issues that may arise. Because used helicopters have become more widely used within the U.S. and other countries in medical situations, maintenance kits and replacement parts are a necessity to keep your aircraft in top shape. At Cutting Dynamics, we are dedicated to providing you with reliable, top-quality and understandable repair kits for your emergency Black Hawk maintenance needs.

If spare parts are needed for your Black Hawk helicopter, Cutting Dynamics provides Black Hawk maintenance kits. In addition, we also carry spare UH-60 replacement parts. If you are in need of any Black Hawk replacement parts, we can provide you with parts for the following areas:

  • Cockpit (zone 1)
  • Cabin (zone 2)
  • Transition (zone 3)
  • Tail cone (zone 4)
  • Tail rotor pylon (zone 5)
  • Main rotor pylon (zone 6)

Some objectives that we keep in mind when creating our repair kits include:

  • Reducing your cost and providing you with affordable parts
  • Lowering your inventory
  • Eliminating or reducing your administrative costs
  • Improving your aircraft’s cycle time 

Cutting Dynamics can provide you with 360-hour, 720-hour, 480-hour and 960-hour phase maintenance inspection kits for your UH-60 MEDEVAC. These maintenance kits come in color-coded packaging to help you easily repair your UH-60 MEDEVAC.

All parts of our kits are Sikorsky-approved, reliable, and organized in color-labeled sections for your ease. We can assure you that our understandable maintenance kits will allow you to easily repair your Black Hawk to improve its performance in no time.

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