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In the aerospace industry and beyond, there is a vital need for lightweight components that don’t skimp on strength and versatility.

To reduce fuel consumption, emissions, and increase the safety of your aircraft, thermoplastic composite materials can uniquely fill the place of heavier metal options.

Carbon fiber reinforced polymers are also a more versatile medium in component production.

Cutting Dynamics: A Leading Manufacturer of Thermoplastic Composites

Cutting Dynamics understands how to best optimize the complex engineering, tooling, and processing of thermoplastics. We produce a wide variety of carbon fiber reinforced polymer products, such as:

  • Wing spars
  • Flooring
  • Stringers
  • Seat backs
  • Seat pans
  • Arm rests
  • Table arms
  • Table slides
  • End bays
  • Spanner bars
  • Center consoles and more

What Sets Us Apart?

It all comes down to our processes and our ability to work with clients to develop, engineer and assemble custom carbon fiber solutions that meet any type of unique application need.

Cutting Dynamics has the ability to rapidly manufacture complex shapes, along with continuous flat panels, and our stamp forming capabilities allow us to form 30’ parts in continuous fiber.

The fiber materials we work with include:

  • Carbon / PPS
  • Carbon / PEKK
  • Carbon / PEEK
  • Carbon / PEI
  • Glass / PPS
  • Glass / PEKK
  • Glass / PEEK
  • Glass / PEI

Complete traceability of our components is always assured, and we carry aircraft product liability insurance to give our clients peace of mind.

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No matter the application, Cutting Dynamics has the subassembly or composite solution for it. Since 1985, we’ve been working with companies to meet their needs, and we look forward to meeting yours as well.

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