The Top MRO Companies That Work with UH-60 Helicopters

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Top MRO Companies

The aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) industry is growing fast and taking over the global market. The steady rise in technology enhancements and stringent airworthiness requirement fuels this increased need for MRO.

The Benefits of MRO

This thriving industry is incredibly important to ensure that an aircraft is performing at its best. These benefits include:

  • Creating maximum passenger and crew safety
  • Reducing operating costs by optimizing performance
  • Reducing risks and mechanical failures from the aircraft
  • Providing long-term savings

The Top MRO Companies

Let’s take a look at some of the major MRO players in the industry.

AAR Corporation

This independent provider helps customers worldwide to increase safety and efficiency by reducing costs while maintaining quality and service. AAR Corporation’s MRO services include airframe maintenance, landing gear services, engineering services, and component repair.


Airbus aims for a better-connected, safer and more prosperous world with their cutting-edge technologies and strategies. They design, manufacture, and deliver industry-leading helicopters, commercial aircrafts, satellites, and military transports. Their core values of integrity, respect, creativity, reliability, teamwork, and customer focus make them a top MRO company.

GE Aviation

GE Aviation is a global service network supporting jet engines, systems, and components for military and commercial aircrafts. With more than 90 years of innovation, GE Aviation has become one of the leading commercial engine suppliers. Because of their dedication to the industry, they have also gone beyond just the engine and commit to the business, personal, agricultural and utility areas.

GlobalStar Aerospace

GlobalStar Aerospace provides full-service MRO for all components for military aircraft users. Their services include phase maintenance, component overhaul, aircraft modification and overhaul, airframe, training, and custom aircraft work. GlobalStar also has in-house capabilities on the main rotor blade for UH/SH60/S70 series helicopters. This top MRO company provides direct, hands-on experience for the highest-quality service.

Camtronics Aviation Group

Camtronics Aviation Group offers a variety of services and specialized repairs to reduce costs and improve reliability. Their capabilities include repairs for antennas, drain masks, heat transfer components, hydraulics, actuation, accessories, galley, and lavatory. Camtronics’s commitment lies in quick turn-around times, unparalleled customer service, and reliability.


Another top MRO company is TAIGLOBAL Group. Their MRO accessory division specializes in critical safety systems, aircraft repair, and overhaul and hydraulic systems for the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter. TAIGLOBAL requires consistent training for their staff to ensure they are up to date with the recent technologies and strategies for their services. The MRO accessory division has over 100 years of experience.

Arista Aviation

Arista Aviation specializes in maintaining, repairing, overhauling and modernizing rotorcraft for rotary wing platforms, including airframes and avionics. This world-class shop prides themselves on being responsive, affordable, proven and high quality. Arista Aviation maintains an expertise in a variety of rotorcraft products like Bell, Boeing and Sikorsky.

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