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Traditionally, when developing new parts or products that require complex forms. You are required to create several prototypes and perform several rounds of testing in order to perfect the shape. This is both time consuming and expensive.

With Cutting Dynamics’s virtual forming technology, you can save time and money by simulating the forming of the metal.

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CDI utilizes advanced forming simulation software that allows our Engineering team to perform first part tryouts and prototyping in a virtual environment. This allows us to simulate hydroforming applications, matched die set stamping and brake press forming with customized tooling.

Virtual Forming Technology

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There are several operations we can perform before the part is even made, including:

  • Blank design
  • Tool development /modification
  • Simulated forming operations
  • Springback calculations
  • Inspections against master part geometry

This can shorten the development time, saving you time and money, while also helping to improve part quality.

Virtual Forming Tech

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No matter the stage of your overall project, we can use this technology to offer better feedback and input on the manufacturability of your components.

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