Cutting Dynamics adds fluid cell hydroform press to facility

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Cutting Dynamics

Cutting Dynamics has ordered a Triform Fluid Cell sheet hydroforming press from Beckwood Press Company.

The press, scheduled for completion in late 2014, will be installed in Cutting Dynamics’ 165,000 square foot facility in Avon, Ohio. It will be placed within the facility’s fluid cell processing center, which opened in 2008, and will compliment Cutting Dynamics’ existing hydroform equipment, which includes a Verson ‘bag press.’

“We’re excited about our partnership with Triform which will help our mission of providing value to customers in need of high quality components,” said Cutting Dynamics President, Bill Carson.

“Our new Triform will be able to handle a significant percentage of our parts, allowing us to cycle our larger Verson press only when required, due to either part size or overall production requirements. The redundancy and additional capacity, along with our in-house engineering/tool design capabilities, will give us the ability to respond more quickly to our customers’ requests,” – Bill Carson.

Beckwood’s Triform sheet hydroforming presses use flexible diaphragms to shape sheet material around male form blocks, or into female cavities. The high forming pressure, which is applied evenly to every square inch of the parts’ surface, allows for dramatically increased forming capability over alternative methods, including rubber block or ‘pad’ forming.

The ‘universal’ nature of the Triform diaphragm, which conforms to any geometry placed within the chamber, eliminates the need for expensive matched die sets. The result is high-performance forming capability, with dramatically decreased tooling costs.