Q&A with Robert Goyer, VP and Editor-in-Chief of Plane & Pilot

plane & pilot mag We recently featured Plane & Pilot Magazine in our blog post titled, “The Top 18 Aerospace and Aviation Industry Blogs and Publications You Need to Be Reading.” In wanting to learn more about the places we mentioned, we reached out to Plane & Pilot and were lucky enough to conduct a Q&A with VP and Editor-in-Chief, Robert Goyer.

Keep reading to learn more about him, the magazine, and the industry.
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The 5 Steps of Cutting Dynamics’ Engineering Process

engineering process

At Cutting Dynamics, we’re dedicated to our role as premium suppliers of hydroforming and thermoplastic composite services for the aerospace industry, and this dedication shows in our efforts within our engineering department.

To keep our customers informed about all that goes into our engineering work, we’ve created this post highlighting the five key steps.
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Custom Aerospace Components

Custom Aerospace Components from Cutting Dynamics, Inc.

Trust Cutting Dynamics to handle all of your aerospace component needs:
Experience: We’ve been involved in high-tech manufacturing since our industry-leading laser cutting operation opened in 1985.
Consideration: Our commitment to innovation and customer needs has allowed us to develop world-class operations primed for efficiency, operating with proprietary techniques
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Save Time and Money With Our Virtual Forming Technology

Traditionally, when developing new parts or products that require complex forms. You are required to create several prototypes and perform several rounds of testing in order to perfect the shape. This is both time consuming and expensive.

With Cutting Dynamics, Inc.’s virtual forming technology, you can save time and money by simulating the forming of the metal. Continue reading “Save Time and Money With Our Virtual Forming Technology”

Cutting Dynamics Transforms Business with Leading Robotic Technology

mro maintenanceMeet Baxter, the newest addition to the Cutting Dynamics family.

Bill Carson, president and CEO of Cutting Dynamics stated, “Baxter is working right next to our team, putting products on the belt for the final finish. We’re in the business of precision: consistency and accuracy drive our business – and Baxter’s reliability and flexibility will be a great advantage to us as we look to leverage collaborative automation in out facilities.” Continue reading “Cutting Dynamics Transforms Business with Leading Robotic Technology”