Cutting Dynamics Partners with Global Body & Equipment to Manufacture Face Shields

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COVID-19 face shields

Knowing that hospitals and healthcare facilities across the U.S. are struggling to provide their employees with the proper protective equipment to battle COVID-19, the Cutting Dynamics team has partnered with Global Body & Equipment to manufacture premium face shields.

At Cutting Dynamics, we specialize in supplying essential products and services for the aerospace industry. Meanwhile, Global Body & Equipment is a leading manufacturer of metal and plastic products. Together, we have been able to join the numerous other companies in Ohio who are working to help slow the spread of the virus and help the heroes in the medical field.

Premium Face Shields to Protect Workers Against COVID-19

COVID-19 face shields

By working with Global Body & Equipment, we have been able to design and manufacture premium face shields that will better protect our courageous frontline workers during this unprecedented time. Our anti-fog face shields are made of a durable plastic that is 6x thicker than the plastic on a standard shield and is equipped with an anti-slip, adjustable headband.

For healthcare workers, face shields are often worn over a mask for extra protection or when a mask is not available. Since they can be properly sterilized, our face shields can easily be reused.

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With the help of our employee volunteers and generous suppliers, our premium face shields are now available to be purchased at a very low price. For questions concerning pricing and availability, please email