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Manufacturing World-Class Thermoplastic Composite Panels

World-Class Thermoplastic Composite Panels by Cutting Dynamics

Composite panels produced by Cutting Dynamics are manufactured using our CCM (continuous compression molding) process. This ensures the complete consolidation and proper crystallinity.

The Advantages of Composite Panels

  • Solid: Composite panels decrease weight without sacrificing strength
  • Versatile: A composite panel can be manufactured to your exact specifications using a variety of materials, depending on the application
  • Quality: Composite panels manufactured using CCM with a controlled temperature range ensure 100% consolidation and crystallinity.

Applications for Composite Panels

  • Internal and external aerospace components
  • Medical: Radiolucent, chemical-resistant
  • Defense: Greater payload in vehicles by decreasing weight without losing protection
  • Unmanned vehicles: Superior shock resistance

Composite Panel Materials and Processes

  • Layup: Individually tailored to customer specifications
  • Capabilities: Automated layup, CCM consolidation, water jet cutting to specific lengths and widths
  • Size Range: Up to 24” width x unlimited length
  • Thickness Range: From .020” to .625”
  • Materials: Carbon/PPS, Carbon/Peek, Carbon/Pekk, Carbon/PES, Glass/PPS, Glass/Peek, Glass/Pekk, Glass/PES