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Looking for cost savings for your aircraft and want to utilize high-quality aerospace composite structures for your operations? Cutting Dynamics can meet your needs for aircraft composites while serving as a valued partner for your company.

Our advanced aerospace composites are meticulously engineered to dramatically decrease weight without compromising safety and strength. We specialize in both glass fiber reinforced (GFRP) and carbon fiber reinforced (CFRP or CFRTP) thermoplastics.

Cutting Dynamics is a one-stop operation, able to design, tool, and produce complex components, like aircraft composites, as well as perform complex assemblies, and kitting.

Our Composite Materials for Aircraft Structures

Our aerospace composite materials include the following:

  • Carbon / PPS
  • Carbon / PEKK
  • Carbon / PEEK
  • Carbon / PEI
  • Glass / PPS
  • Glass / PEI
  • Glass / PEEK
  • Glass / PEKK

Aerospace Composite Manufacturing at Cutting Dynamics

At Cutting Dynamics, we are a 4PL provider that can supply an all-in-one solution to our clients. We will source any additional components using expertise you can rely on to help you find only the best products.

Our company was founded to provide aerospace clients with the best solutions available, supplying high-quality aircraft composite materials which fit their essential operations. Of course, our company’s main goal is to optimize aircraft efficiency and safety for you, our clients.

Here are the key ways our composite materials for aircraft structures can benefit your next project:

    • Carbon-fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) provides long-term cost savings through weight reduction
    • Thermoplastics are FST complaint for maximum safety, and they don’t give off the toxic fumes of alternative materials
    • We document every step of each component’s production precisely and reliably in our digital database, for full traceability of aerospace composite manufacturing
    • Your parts’ entire production process occurs in our Ohio facilities, for USA-made products you can trust
      • Motivated employees fabricate your specially-developed aerospace composites in a clean, safe, and organized environment

As you can see, the benefits you receive when you choose Cutting Dynamics as your provider for composite materials in aerospace are extensive. To discover some of the other products and services we can provide for the aerospace industry, visit our main aerospace page.

Safety Certifications for Cutting Dynamics

By having ISO 9001 and AS9100 quality certifications, along with offering complete traceability of components, Cutting Dynamics is the ideal company to take care of your complex component needs.

Our History

We have been engineering aerospace weight reduction solutions since 1985. Over the years, we have grown to a team of 140 employees who are dedicated to keeping pace with technological trends in the industry and delivering fitting aircraft composite solutions.

As we continue to grow, we look forward to making you a strategic partner and supplying you with aerospace composites that can benefit your operations.

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