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How Does Our Aerospace Component Manufacturing Work?

What we do not manufacture, we are able to source as a 4P/L provider. Cutting Dynamics has been a supplier to major fixed wing, helicopter, military, and government OEM’s for over 30 years. Our breadth and depth of services enables us to complete many complicated orders from design inception to assembly in-house.

But what separates us from other aerospace manufacturers? To us, it all comes down to our commitment to quality, superior technology and being the first to market on a variety of cutting-edge, innovative processes that help move our industry further into the future.


Our Aerospace Components

Cutting Dynamics specializes in manufacturing components that provide long-term value to clients in cost savings from both reliability and weight reduction.

We are well-equipped to provide custom fabrication solutions and complex assemblies, and we fill complicated manufacturing tasks such as faraday cages, APU boxes and firewalls. We are also experienced in mil-spec packaging.

Cutting Dynamics’ line of manufactured products include:

Composite Materials and Sheet Metals

Cutting Dynamics has an advanced thermoplastic processing center, where we consolidate and fabricate CFRTP sheet from scratch using a patented process.

Our composites include both glass- and carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastics with PEEK, PEKK, PEI and PPS. We also work with aircraft-grade aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel and titanium.

Let CDI Handle Your Aerospace Component Manufacturing Needs

Our state-of-the-art facilities enable us to maintain a broad portfolio of niche processes. This one-stop solution provides a unique advantage in both time and cost savings to our clients. We would love to discuss with you how we will leverage our capabilities to optimize your aircraft’s production process.

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