The Best Among Aerospace Manufacturing Companies

Cutting Dynamics’ thirty-year history in aerospace is propelled by a continued commitment to excellence and precision.
We are constantly seeking ways to remain at the forefront of the latest innovations in order to better serve our customers and maintain lean operations.

Precision Components for High-Performance End Products

CDI offers a complete solution, we handle production as well as warehousing, MIL-SPEC kitting and inventory management.

Our processes include:

  • Processing continuous and chopped fiber thermoplastic composites with in-house FEA and engineering
  • Hot-forming aluminum and titanium alloys
  • In house tooling, engineering and design of hydroformed aerospace components

In addition to the listed competencies, we also pride ourselves on offering 4 P/L and 3 P/L programs. Allow us to optimize your inventory and logistical challenges.

Aggressively Pursuing Excellence for Thirty Years

Most of our extensive capabilities are performed in our own facilities, which makes us extremely efficient.

We know the success or downfall of aerospace projects is largely dependent on the ability of all parts of the development chain to function on time and on budget.

Keeping our experts at one location allows for maximum discovery and exploitation of process synergies, along with optimum quality control. The breadth and depth of our portfolio differentiates us from other aerospace component manufacturers.

Many companies boast expertise in their specialization, but who else can deliver the same quality across multiple aspects, from one source.

Learn More About What Separates Us from Other Aerospace Parts Manufacturing Companies

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